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I’ve been coming to Chamonix Mont Blanc in the French Alps for over 10 years now. During that time I have witnessed a complete change in direction in the ethos of the Town. Chamonix was once labeled the Ibiza of the slopes in a report in the Times magazine. It was quite spooky, this report was almost as if one of our gang was a secret reporter for the Times as it narrated our exact night. The ChamJam was in full effect, based around the old age Bosse de Bosse mogul competition between the local valleys that escalated into an epic completion to include a big air competition, Boarder Cross and Half Pipe exhibition. That coupled with  a huge sound system reverberating Hip-Hop tunes throughout the valley, a BBQ and excessive booze, made for truly good times on the slopes.

So as the report read, the night started in a wild après ski part in a crazy South African bar (I think you might find it was Australian, Mr Times reporter!) with the bar staff on top of the bar pouring neat shots straight from the bottle into the upturned heads of thirsty punters. A brief stop in the Choucas bar for some nasty looking green shots then found us in a seedy underground club, that without knowledge, you wouldn’t know existed. This club excretes coolness. A nice balance of French and other nationalities, workers and punters, low ceiling, banging tunes and just a real vibe about it and if you ain’t sweating, you ain’t having fun!

The wide eyed and beer fueled revelers were not content with lights on at 2am, not enough fun yet, so traveled across town, to the neon lit and mirror clad Garage (locally named the GayRage) to swing their hips some more. A cheesy club but where some of the best nights are had!

Those times are changing. Bars are closing and bistros are opening up. The Arbate is no more – no letting off steam twice monthly in outrageous fancy dress and dancing the podiums. The Wallabies, now an “exclusive” and ridiculously priced bar. Goofy’s is no more, now a swanky Indian bar/restaurant (though very good). L’Expedition is no more. Dicks T-bar, Cybar, Bar de Moulins, Queen Vic – have gone up in smoke – literally!)

So with what one would think as a massive gap in the market for bars, Chamonix has only seen more up-market bistros opening. The ski-bum is being ousted for the money spenders. That said Grands Montets hosted a snow-park for the first time in many years. Maybe we will see the half pipe “cutter” finally come out of it’s wrapping where it has been left to rust at the base of Le Tour.

My biggest bugbear is not having bought a property at the time. A one bed apartment would have set me back maybe €60,000. I have just bought one for over treble that! I still think this is a good investment however. Chamonix  is shifting it’s ethos to a more exclusive resort and there is the obvious attraction of Mont Blanc – the highest peak in Western Europe.  Furthermore, with a particularly warm winter all eyes are pointing towards Global Warming and with Chamonix offering some of the highest routes in Europe, it becomes an even more attractive location to buy.

Chamonix Apartment Rental

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